THERACUP-The World's First Silicone Cupping with EMS



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Theracup, a cupping device combines cupping therapy and muscle stimulation in one device to relieve and stimulate your muscles for recovery and performance. It's very convenient for both professional and home use.


1. Cupping Therapy: The theracup has the same function as traditional cupping which increases blood circulation to the area where the cups are placed and it’s helpful for local pain relief and muscle relaxation.

2. EMS Therapy: The EMS(Electronic muscle stimulation) is a physical therapy and fitness technique. it helps for injury rehabilitation and natural pain relief and muscle performance.

3. Combination of versatility: The combination with different treatments is able to effectively help trigger point or sore muscle release while improving circulation, mobility, and flexibility in a short time.

4. Washable long-life electrode pads: Purchasing TheraCup earns you two different types of washable pads.

5. 3 modes and 15 levels of intensity: You can get different feelings and meet your different needs for strength.

 6. Easy to use: Simply press on the control panel and get the mode and intensity that suits you the best.

7.  Easy to clean: unlike other EMS devices or Tens devices(You need to change the pads frequently which will cost your money and time ), you can just use the tissue or the towel to clean the Theracup after using.

8. One-Year Warranty: You can rest assured that we warrant this device to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year. 

 Intensity 15 Levels
Charging Time About 1.5H
Battery Capacity 60mAh
Working voltage DC 3.7V
Weight 480g
Size 190x110x92mm

Collections: Theracup

Type: Cupping and EMS Devices

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