Brand Story

As a fitness enthusiast, I usually have general aches and muscle soreness after working out. I think most active individuals can relate to this unpleasant experience. As a result, I sometimes go to physical therapy, as treatments from a physical therapist can significantly help reduce muscle soreness and accelerate recovery. While physical therapists have many therapeutic techniques that can help with muscle recovery, I quite enjoy cupping therapy and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) treatments. However, the nature of these two interventions is different from one another; they each achieve muscle relaxation and recovery through different methods and use separate devices to do so. This means they can't be applied to the same part of the body at the same time.

But what if we could combine cupping and EMS into one device so that their therapeutic effects could be experienced simultaneously?

With this question in mind, my team and I consulted many Physiotherapists. We confirmed that these two methods can indeed be performed simultaneously and that it's safe to do so. Thanks to our hardworking engineering team, the TheraCup came out successfully.

Before we officially launched our product, we tested it thousands of times by various health and fitness professionals from different fields, and we received excellent feedback. We can't wait to share this unique product with you.

Liam X,Co-founder

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